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August 2008

     It is human nature to want to make our own rules. However we all have rules imposed upon us that control and limit their lives. For example, it is against the law to take items that belong to someone else. There are rules that tell us which side of the road to drive on or how fast we may drive. Rules for the workplace dictate what we may or may not do. For the most part we unquestioningly obey these rules because we do not want the consequences of going against them - prison, fines or losing our jobs.
     Our culture also has some rules (albeit unspoken) that dictate how we speak or act to others around us. And generally we are willing to obey these rules of social behaviour and etiquette because we do not want to experience the unpleasant consequences of being different from the crowd.
     Then we have some of our own rules which we make. We will limit our spending on certain items. We will draw the line of where we will or will not attend. We decide what we will or will not eat or drink. Not everyone makes the same rules for themselves. For example, some will decide to spend only so much for lottery tickets in a week and others determine they will not get involved in gambling at all. It largely depends on one's perspective of right and wrong.
     What about God's rules? God, our Creator, has also given us rules to follow. His Word tells us what is right and what is wrong. Sin is plainly defined: adultery, fornication, lying, drunkenness, anger, covetousness and such like. We are also clearly told what the consequences are when we ignore these rules. God's judgement and eternal damnation will be poured out - certainly a more fearful consequence than any prison sentence or fine.
     Why is it that people obey the laws of the land but ignore the greater laws of the One who has created us? It is because we have not seen eternity with our own eyes. We have seen people in prison; we have perhaps experienced the pain of a fine. But often we fail to take God seriously because of a lack of insight into the future.
     The consequences of going against God's rules are real. When the rules we make for ourselves are subject to God's rules for mankind then we can face the future with the assurance of hearing God's words: "Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world."

- Paul Zehr,
   Bayfield, ON

Who Makes Your Rules