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When Nothing is Impossible

December 2008

     Maybe you have said it, "That's impossible." Every known fact would declare to you that the story being told simply cannot be so. And when you are convinced you know all the related facts you do not hesitate to say "That's impossible."
     Two thousand years ago a youthful, virtuous, single lady was visited by the angel Gabriel. His message from the Lord that she was about to become the mother of Jesus, the Christ, the long awaited Messiah; the One who would save His people from their sins.
     Predictably she was quite startled, as anyone is, by such a unique caller. But his heavenly personage was not near as baffling as was his heavenly message about her becoming a mother. Never before had anyone given birth to a child as virgin. What had been announced to her was impossible for four thousand years, no exceptions. And yet, the messenger had distinctly identified himself as the same one who had said on an earlier occasion, "I am Gabriel, that stand in The presence of God, and am sent to speak unto thee" (Luke 1:19). And she fully understood that God cannot lie.
     Understandably then, Mary's response included a simple, direct question, "How shall this be?" Never, never before, had it been possible on this premise.
     But the angel's answer was so direct and so conclusive that both Mary and every person since can readily grasp its reality. "For with God nothing shall be impossible." What a wonderful statement from heaven to earth!
     When nothing is impossible the Sovereign of absolute power dictates the event and creates or rearranges the issues interfering with His purposes. If every natural law has been selected and established by His all-knowing wisdom and every force conceivable originated within His all-powerfulness, is anything impossible to God? NO!
     Truly, nothing is impossible for God. His specific planning accomplishes the sanctity of His will without needing experiment and development. There are no real obstacles. He is beyond perplexity. He is the almighty GOD.
     When nothing is impossible, divine miracles are beyond our ability to size up for what they really are. So is the impossibility of the Creator being born as a human baby into a human family. God incarnate in human flesh. Fully God, fully man.
     Only God Himself was and is able to function when nothing is impossible. We praise Him for the perfection of His capability in the birth of Jesus Christ, our now, risen and resurrected Lord.

- Tom Bender
   Kippen, ON