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Total Commitment

     We have possibly all heard some form of the fable of the chicken and the pig who were discussing the plight of the poor and the hungry. The chicken suggested that they could help out by providing them with ham and eggs. The pig said "That's easy for you to say because for you it just involves a sacrifice but for me it means a total commitment!"
     Today the concept of commitment has a foreign ring to it. We see commitments taken so lightly, in appointments, in financial obligations, in marriage, and in religious matters. Many people treat God like a spare tire and have a 9-11 religion. But really, what is commitment if it is not total? A man that is faithful to his wife ninety percent of the time is not faithful at all is he? And yet we think we can treat God like that? God will either be Lord of all or not Lord at all!
     God is a jealous God. It is God or Baal, God or mammon, God or self, God or the world, it is never God and something else if God is to work the miracle of a changed heart and life in us He has to have the keys to all of it.
     Jim Elliot, a man that gave his life while endeavoring to share the love of Christ with a tribe of South American Indians, understood the meaning of true commitment and summarized it well when he wrote, "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose."
     Total commitment means giving up all that we are in order to receive all that God has!

- Carl E. Martin
   Stratton, ON

June 2007