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The Plight of Children

December 2008

     Increasingly, one is faced with the reality that in the midst of the pain and hardships that political instability and war has brought upon people - there are thousands, even millions of suffering children. These innocent victims face a terrible toll of emotional distress and anguish as a result of their circumstances.
     While it is true that much has been done to try and alleviate the plight of children in the world's areas of suffering, many of these children will have the scars of emotional distress and insecurity go with them through life.
     When we read of such suffering children, our minds may well go to places where war or political turmoil has made life very hard. However, there is another plight which also affects homes and children. And this is not referring to war-torn countries, but to a condition which is reaching even into the most affluent homes of North America.
     This is the plight of children which comes as a result of separation or divorce.
     There is little doubt that innocent children who are the victims of broken marriages suffer emotionally. This has been proven over and over. Children thrive best in the secure setting of a strong home where both there parents are true role models and mentors.
     As Christians, we believe God established marriage and the home as the foundation of social order. A society which honours these God-established marriage and home principles will certainly reap the blessings which accompany. Conversely, when society rejects this God-given order; and when homes break down, as they increasingly are doing in western society, children very definitely become losers.
     Far too often parents who are going through a difficult relationship battle are preoccupied with their own problems, and they fail to face the consequences their struggle will have on their children.
     Few children emerge from these devastating family breakdowns without deep emotional scars. Fear and loneliness, sadness and feelings of rejection, are among the emotions with which children from broken homes need to battle.
     We do not minimize the difficulties facing parents whose marriage relationships have failed, and often there are no easy answers. And we certainly empathise with single parents who have tried their utmost to save their marriage, but have failed because of circumstances outside their control.
     Consider though, the weight of responsibility which rests upon us as parents to make right choices regarding our children. My primary aim should not be to look out for myself.
     If that is my goal, I will find, at the end of it all, that I have sorely neglected my only real possession - my children. They deserve more, God expects more, and He will hold me accountable.

- Mervin Brubacher
   Barwick, ON
But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God. Luke 18:16