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The Messenger

Articles from the Archives

A Challenge To Fathers
A Crisis In Our Time
A Fading Glory
A Girl's Song

An Attitude of Thanksgiving
A Positive Perspective

As I Have Done
A Sobering Milestone
A Story for School Girls
A Universal Dilemma - A Universal Solution
Be Alert

Be Free Indeed
Behold The Man
Be Ye Thankful

Coals of Fire - Part 1
Coals of Fire - Part 2

Come In, If You Are Small Enough
Everybody Does It
Giving in Home Relationships
Global Warming
God's Opportunity
Hope For The Hopeless
Hope - Or Worry
How Bad is Sin
How Can I, Except Some Man Should Guide Me

How's The Weather
In The Image of God
Inviting Christ Back Into Christianity

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Loneliness and Bereavement
Loneliness and the Family
Loneliness Defined
Lyman Dean's Testimonials Part 1
Lyman Dean's Testimonials Part 2
Lyman Dean's Testimonials Part 3
Mankinds Need

Marvels of Rain
Mother's Day Thoughts
My Lord And My God

Naturally Good?
Never Satisfied
Of Candles

Of Hedges and Walls
One Day at a Time
Only Dead Men Need Apply
Only This Once
Optional, Yet Must
Overcoming Failure
Pay Attention to the Little Things

Points Of Reference
Ponder the Path of Thy Feet

Recognizing The Snare of Self
Singleness - And Satisfaction
Solitude Versus Loneliness
Thanksgiving - And the Gift of Song
The Angel's Message
The Best Fun
The Blame Ends Here

The Blessing of Friendships
The Blessing of Solitude
The Blight of Self-Ignorance

The Certainty of Uncertainty

The Endurance of Love in Marriage
The Gift Of Touch

The Impact of Our Words
The Lost Aircraft
The Meaning Of December 25

The Old Brown House Part 1

The Old Brown House Part 2
The Plight of Children
The Power of Influence
The Question Of Original Sin

The Real - And the Unreal
The Story of Elijah
The Touch of Death
The Widowed In God's Care
The Word That Few People Really Understand
Those Scars
Total Commitment
Two Ways Of Reading

Understanding Causes Which May Lead to Loneliness
We Do All Fade as a Leaf
What About The Children

When Nothing is Impossible
When The Stocks Tumble
While The Earth Remaineth
Who Makes Your Rules
Why Worry?
Worth The Rejection

Common Themes

The Messenger is a family-oriented, community paper produced by CMCO Publications on a monthly basis. It is written from a Christian perspective, and contains thoughtful articles by Conservative Mennonite writers. You will also find poems and stories for children.