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May 2010

     It was not many centuries ago when the popular opinion held that the earth was flat. If one would only stay in your neighbourhood or town one could easily come to the conclusion that the earth is anything but a sphere! It was when sailors travelled a distance from home and realized that the sights of home disappeared around the earth's curvature that their perspective of the earth's shape changed. And then in the 1960's when rockets took man far from the earth into space, man certainly had a clearer perspective of how round the earth is and also how small it is when viewed from a distance.
     We all have our own perspective on life, our own opinions of what is right and wrong. We might look at our neighbour's life and see where he is missing it. Or we might see where governments are making mistakes. We look at other cultures and think if they would only do things the way we do, they would be better off. Our opinions are based on our own experiences and the frame of reference of our own "little neighbourhood."
     If we consider the many religions and denominations that exist, it is apparent that there is a vast array of perspectives of God. Some think God needs to be appeased so His wrath does not fall on them. Others try to win favour with God through good works and elaborate forms of worship. Others feel that God does not care what man does. Many people come to the conclusion that as long as you are sincere in what you believe and are part of some religion everyone will finally get to heaven. But such conclusions are short sighted - rather similar to those who believed the earth was flat.
     We need to abandon our own biases and recognize our short sightedness and consider truth from God's perspective. He who is far above the earth and whose Being encompasses all of time and eternity has a different perspective of man's life and future. It is possible for us to understand, at least in part, what God's perspective is by reading the Bible. When we are converted and the Holy Spirit dwells in our heart, then we are spiritually minded to be able to further understand God's perspective. 
     Finally on the last day, our own perspective really will not matter. We will be judged according to the books that will be opened - according to God's perspective.

- Paul Zehr,
  Bayfield, ON