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Pay Attention To The Little Things

     How simple a virtue it would seem to be - yet faithfulness in our society is in such short supply. Perhaps especially so, faithfulness in the little things of life.
     Why is this? Why are there dishonest business executives who cause the collapse of companies? Or why do so many marriages fail today, marriages which began in love and in anticipation of a happy fulfilling home?
     The principles of God's Word still hold true. Only when we have learned how to be faithful in little things, will we know how to be faithful in the greater things.
     Life's relationships are built upon the foundation of little things.
     What a benefit it would be to society if faithfulness in little things were made a priority. What blessing in home relationships could take place if faithfulness were an appreciated and expected part of each home. How home relationships could prosper, if husbands and wives would commit themselves to faithfulness in little things, and their children would learn the virtues of love, honesty, diligence and the "Golden Rule".
     Consider the following inspirational poem, and consider whether a change of attitude toward the little things might make your life and home a brighter and better place!

- Mervin Brubacher,
   Barwick, ON

February 2007

If Any . . .

If any little word of ours
Can make one life the brighter;
If any little song of ours
can make one heart the lighter;
God help us speak that little word,
And take our bit of singing.
And drop it in some lonely vale
To set the echoes ringing.

If any little love of ours
Can make one life the sweeter;
If any little care of ours
Can make one step the fleeter;
If any little help may ease
The burden of another;
God give us love and care and strength
To help along each other.

If any little thought of ours
Can make one life the stronger;
If any cheery smile of ours
Can make its brightness longer;
Then let us speak that thought today,
With tender eyes aglowing,
So God may grant some weary one
Shall reap for our glad sowing.

—Selected, author unknown