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Optional, Yet Must

July 2009

     In the broad scope of the choices of life we find many details that are optional. You might, or you might not, according to your particular inclination to the option awaiting your choice.
     Yet within each optional issue are various details that are not optional. If you do not choose to wash your greasy hands before you eat, you must swallow the dirt that smudges the sandwich that touched your hands. That must is not optional.
     Likewise we can relate to the "must" of the many options God offers to us. He has, because of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ, promised to forgive anyone of the guilt of any sin. Yes, God has promised, "Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow." That is a wonderful option indeed.
     Yet, within this and many other options God had offered there are some "musts". When the apostle Peter was speaking about forgiveness he said of Jesus Christ, "There is none other name under heaven whereby we must be saved" (Acts 4:12). To benefit from God's offer of salvation there are no other options.
     Yet many assume that if a person is sincere in their belief, God will accept that as good enough. The many options presented by the religions of the world are all assumed to be able to bring their devotees home to God's presence. But these thoughts reveal a serious confusion about God's "musts" within our options.
     Seek to discover the reality of our musts within our spiritual options. The Bible has them all there; at our option -- but as a must.

- Tom Bender,
   Kippen, ON