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Never Satisfied

     There are four things, according to Proverbs 30:15, 16 which are never satisfied. The grave, the barren womb, the parched earth, and fire. Every week the newspapers still have obituaries -- the graves are not all filled, the childless woman is still yearning for a child of her own, you can water and water your lawn and gardens in time of drought and it does not seem to be enough. You can keep feeding a fire with more and more fuel and it will eagerly keep devouring without a sign of having sufficient.
     The heart of man is a being with a similarly insatiable appetite. Man constantly tries to find meaning and purpose in life by constantly pursuing more and more of what this life has to offer. Few are satisfied with the possessions and living standards they have. They seek to gain more of this world's goods. More things to fill the garage and basement, upgraded technology, higher pay, bigger houses and more expensive vehicles. Furthermore, people seek greater financial securities through life insurances, pensions and stocks. There is also an unending quest for joy and happiness through the pleasures of life in vacations, golf courses, arenas, bars and more. Others are not satisfied with their own marriage relationships and seek the thrill of extramarital affairs. The list could go on and on with the many pursuits of man that do not bring any lasting satisfaction.
     Underlying all of these quests for something that satisfies is the fact that man has an empty God-shaped void in his heart. Until we have a relationship with our heavenly Father and Creator we will fail to find true meaning and satisfaction in life. There will continue to be a restless yearning within to understand ourselves and our destiny.
     The Lord Jesus Christ has made provision for those empty, unfulfilled feelings. Through His blood the guilt of sin can be removed. By the Word of God we can understand the purpose of life and our future destiny. By God's Spirit within we can possess true peace in our hearts, so that we can be truly content in whatever circumstances come our way. To be surrendered to God's will for our lives and to trust in His providence for our lives will provide rest for the soul. To be complete in Christ will result in a satisfaction now in life and throughout our eternal destiny.

- Paul Zehr
   Bayfield, Ontario

August 2009