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"My Lord And My God"

May 2009

     Thomas remained a doubter of his fellow disciples when they told him about Jesus' being alive and coming into their midst. That Jesus had been dead and in the grave was undeniable fact. Whatever or whoever had appeared to them in his absence he did not know - and he would not let his feelings be misled by possible fantasies. Until he himself feels the holes in the Lord's hands and side he will not be fooled.
     A few days later, how startled he must have been when the resurrected Christ was calmly standing nearby and addressing him with a gentle invitation to feel the scars of the cross. Can you sense the sacredness of that scene - a practised doubter and the real, resurrected Jesus? We find it in John 21:24-29.
     His doubts now seemed so foolish, his bold declaration so empty, as his heart cry resounds to us, even today - "My Lord and my God!" What might we understand in it?
     Perhaps the most obvious is the inseparable link between Jesus being both Lord and God.
     In such a distinctly convincing moment, literally touching the resurrected Jesus, to confess that He was only God, but not Lord, would have been entirely impossible, and completely illogical. In fact it would have been absurd!
     Alas, Alas! Multitudes of professing Christianity in our society have divorced Jesus from His lordship. There is talk about believing in Jesus as Saviour from sin. There is effort to participate in Communion rites frequently enough. The peacefulness of His kingdom is lauded by many distressed by the wars of our times. Jesus is certainly God and an important part of religious beliefs.
     And yet, the questions lingers. Is He being accepted as Lord? Are you as a born-again person being delivered from the lustfulness of our times? Do His standards regarding the sin of wrong thoughts sober your evaluation of true holiness?
     Has the New Testament picture of Jesus being Lord of His church helped you find a church relationship to which you want to be accountable, that is, answerable for how you obey the teachings of the gospel?
     Does the Lordship of Christ remain in effect for all seven days of the week? Or does the importance of loving our neighbour as ourself sometimes need switched off while collecting some of his money in an unfair business deal?
     The solemn declaration of Thomas reminds us that Jesus Christ is both, or neither - Lord and God.

- Tom Bender
   Kippen, ON