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Mother's Day Thoughts

April 2010

     It was a strange and ironic convergence of ideologies.
     Our recent celebration of Mother's Day coincided with the 50th anniversary marking the invention of oral contraceptive. So on the one hand, children across the country were giving their mothers gifts of flowers and cards, while on the other hand were those who were extending applause to that which gave women greater opportunity to forego motherhood.
     Without question, this invention ushered in an era of change which was probably unprecedented -- and society has never been the same since. As we consider all this, however, we conclude that thoughtful people will be led to ask, "But has all this been for the good of our homes, and our communities?" "Do the men and women who deny parenthood find greater happiness and fulfillment, than those who welcome children into their homes?"
     I realize there have been many other changes in the past 50 years. There is no question but that technological advances have changed the world. Society has changed from largely agrarian and rural to largely urban, and lifestyles have changed to fit. An orientation shift from production to consumer has followed.
     And yet, does collecting "things" lead to the "good life?" Is it true that when life is over, "the man with the most toys wins"?
     When everything is said and done, and when my generation stands at the closing years of life, I wonder who will feel the best about their lives, as they think back over their years gone by.
     Will it be the fathers and mothers who focused the greater part of their energies into building a successful career, and perhaps welcomed only a few or even no children? Will they be the most fulfilled and happy with their choices in life?
     Or will it be those parents whose legacy is marked, not by economic success, but by their homes -- perhaps numerous children in whom they invested years of their time, guiding them through their adolescence and youth years, helping them navigate the treacherous waters of life, where sin and temptation make shipwreck of far too many promising young people.
     I see homes like those in my day, and I rejoice to see them, because here are the fathers and mothers who are raising faithful men and women who will carry on the legacy of a stable society.
     When God created Eve our first mother, He brought her to Adam, and, "Adam called his wife's name Eve; because she was the mother of all living" (Genesis 3:20). Our confidence in God as the author of all life leads us to conclude that God's plan for the propagation of the human race through marriage and the establishing of homes cannot be improved.
God bless those mothers who are taking their role seriously. And God bless those children who appreciate their mother, honour them, (and bring them flowers on Mother's Day)!
     I appreciate efforts which bring worthy recognition and strength to homes and families. It's a biblical principle, after all. "He that begetteth a wise child shall have joy of him . . . thy mother shall be glad, and she that bare thee shall rejoice" (Proverbs 23:24-25). 
     Motherhood is a wonderful calling. If you are a mother, or look forward to being one, just pause and thank God for the opportunity.

--Mervin Brubacher,
Barwick, ON