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How's The Weather

     It’s cold. It’s very cold. But just think how cold it must be north of the Arctic Circle. Just think how cold it would be if we had no spring to anticipate.
t’s windy. And that drives the cold right to the bone. But at least Canada has a few trees to slow the unwearying wind.
We have snow in heaps and piles, and in piles and heaps. Roads are fast becoming hallways. But just think – at least we have roads, and we have equipment to move the snow.
How’s the weather? Maybe we should ask, "How’s the attitude?" Oh, but you say, what does it matter; it is just the troublesome weather man that makes us all this difficulty. He sends us all this unhandy weather.
I wonder how God and the weatherman get along. Or maybe the focus has become shifted. You see, as long as it is just the weatherman that is responsible for the weather, it does not seem quite so wrong to talk about the _______ weather; or to say, if this weather would straighten up once.
But when we perceive that God is really the one in charge of the weather, it puts a check on what we say about it. The Bible says, "…he did good, and gave us rain from heaven, and fruitful seasons, filling our hearts with food and gladness." Indeed, God is good, and how it must disappoint Him to see His creatures failing to recognize that goodness; and, even worse, complaining about His providence.
     Sometimes God does try our patience and our faith, but that will not hurt us either. During a long dry spell, one farmer said, "Rain makes strong corn, but lack of rain makes strong Christians. Noble attitude!
     Gratefulness is so refreshing and contagious. Try it.
"How’s the weather?" It’s good because God is good, and what He sends is for our ultimate good.

- Robert Heatwole
   Barwick, ON