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Especially For Singles

John Coblentz. If you are single and want to live for all you're worth to the glory of God, this book is for you. If you are a parent or paster and want to prepare youths and older ones to understand singles and work together for the glory of God, this book offers an excellent format for discussions. 38 pages
Soft Cover           $3.75

Singlehood That Glorifies God

Compiled by Susie Brittain. Are you single? Then Single Reflections is for you. Are you married? Single Reflections is for you, too! Advice is often given concerning the marriage relationship, while the needs of singles tend to be overlooked. In this book, find some advice on a subject that is seldom addressed. . . Whether married or single, may this book lead us to a new appreciation for God's calling to the unmarried. 110 pages
Soft Cover            $9.75

Single Reflections

Martha Nighswander. Are you unmarried, widowed or forsaken? Do you wonder if it is really possible to find satisfying fulfillment and joy, apart from marriage? Must you endure loneliness and dissatisfaction the rest of your life? The Bible does have answers to your deepest questions! The personal study which became this book, has been such a life-changing inspiration, encouragement and blessing to me, that I wish to share my findings with you, dear reader . . . What we see in the good marriage of a friend, what we hear in wedding sermons, and what we read in the Bible about marriage, does not need to be passed off as something inapplicable and uninteresting to us. Instead it can motivate us to apply it spiritually - and sometimes literally - because we are also joined in holy bonds to Someone. "Thy Maker is thy Husband!" (Isaiah 54) 188 pages
Soft Cover            $11.95

Thy Maker Is Thy Husband

Singlehood that Glorifies God
Single Reflections
Thy Maker is Thy Husband