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Be Free Indeed

     True freedom! How sought after and much longed for by countless thousands of humanity both in history past and even still today! By Jesus' statement above, we conclude there must be various levels of freedom.
     To illustrate, we will think for a few moments on the life story of a certain man, about 73 years ago, who struggled long and hard to gain true freedom. When only 25, he was unjustly tried and sentenced to life imprisonment for a crime he did not commit. Seized with a strong determination to break for his freedom, he was successful at escaping from prison within a few months, and immediately traveled a long distance in search of a country who would take him in and grant him true freedom. He was very careful and wary of the constant danger of recapture, and it seemed true freedom was virtually in his grasp as he traveled the last leg of his journey to a country he was promised would grant him pardon. But alas, when he had escaped over 1200 miles, and experienced seven months of being at large and on the run, he was recaptured by unsympathetic police forces, and in a crushing blow of defeat he was sent back to his home country and to an even harsher prison bondage!
     Then over the next eight years, he made several more escape attempts, all ending in miserable failure. Until the last daring attempt through which he miraculously succeeded, and in a more friendly country, eventually gained true freedom. It was a freedom all the more precious and valuable after the desperate struggle and long time he had been through to obtain it!
     Friend, do you have true spiritual freedom that Christ was speaking about in John 8? Or do you possess only an artificial or temporary liberty? Do you long to escape the bondage you find in your life? The world with all its false advertisements does offer a person many forms of artificial freedom. Many folks have been able with some self-will and effort to make some alterations in their lives. Or perhaps one type of bondage has simply given way to another one? Remember, the Jews Jesus was speaking with in John 8 really thought they were free. But some of them did not understand or see the slavery to sin in their lives.
     Without the power of Christ in your life, you will never experience that precious, yea costly, true freedom of the soul where you will know complete pardon and deliverance from all sins and bondage. And of course, we can do nothing to buy or earn this freedom. Jesus has it pre-paid for us! The only cost involved is to give over to Him, your whole life and being as a daily living sacrifice. (Romans 12:1)
     Then indeed, what true, genuine liberty you will find! ". . . ye shall be free indeed!"

- Darrell Martin
   Bancroft, Ont.

May 2007

"If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed " John 8:36    (The Bible)