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Your Source For Christian School And Homeschool Curriculum From Rod & Staff Publishers -- In Canada!

About CMCO Publications

Our Location:

CMCO Publications is located at Barwick, along the Trans Canada Highway, in Northwestern Ontario. The wide Rainy River, which serves as the boundary between Canada and the USA is about a mile away.
As a non-profit oprganization, we work under the direction of the publication board of the Conservative Mennonite Church of Ontario. We are involved in publishing and printing sound, character building literature for Christians in Canada and USA, as well as Europe and Asia.
At our location we have a small print shop that first started with the vision of printing Russian Language Christian Literature. Literature and relief clothing is sent on sea container shipments that go from here to Europe and from there to various inland destinations in the former Soviet Union.

Our Purpose:

To produce, and make available to all who are interested, literature that will contribute to the strengthening and promoting of Godly and strong homes and churches.
To work toward the renewal and preservation of Christian family values, and to promote the appreciation of the Holy Scriptures as having a vital place in today's society.
To promote the sound education of children according to the plan of God, by making available Christian literature and Christian curriculum that can be used by parents and schools to this end.

We Believe . . . .

* In the Eternal, Triune God ~ Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who is the Creator and Sustainer of all things.

* In the Bible, that it is the inspired Word of God; that it reveals to man God's plan of Salvation; that it is the final authority and guide for all of life.

* That man was created by God, sinless and holy.

* That man by choice disobeyed God, thus becoming sinful, and through this fall, all men are born with a sinful nature.

* That Jesus Christ is the only Way of Salvation for fallen man.

* That children are innocent, and until they come to the age of understanding and accountability are safe.

* That all accountable persons must be born again to be saved.

* That those who are born again will display this by their lives. They will evidence a holiness of life and have Jesus Christ as their Lord and Master.

* That the church is comprised of such born again individuals who are holy, a light to the world, a salt to the earth. And over this Church Jesus Christ is the head.

* That the home is God's plan for mankind; that it is foundational to the well-being of society and is the place where children are to be raised and taught God's word and values for life.

* That marriage is to be only in the Lord; only between a man and woman of like faith in God; and that divorce and remarriage is forbidden by God.

* That Jesus Christ is preparing an eternal home for the righteous.

* That Jesus Christ will return again to receive his church as a bride for himself.

* That there will be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and unjust, and all will stand before God to be judged according to His Word for all the deeds done during life.

* That there is a place of eternal punishment, called hell, where all the wicked will be placed for eternity.

* That there is a place of eternal bliss, called heaven, where all the righteous will be in the presence of God forever.