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A Universal Dilemma - A Universal Solution

April 2008

     Loneliness is a lack of meaningful personal relationships in one's life. And this is certainly not dependant upon how many people one is close to. In fact, a person may well be surrounded by thousands of people, and yet be profoundly lonely. The difference is whether we have friends among all those people or not.
     The author of the book Facing Loneliness gives the account of a student from another country who was attending a British university, and was dismayed by the vast difference he was experiencing in the social atmosphere in Britain as compared to his home country. His words in describing his feelings are poignant.
     "At home, I walk along, my eyes raised, meeting the eyes of people coming along the road towards me - neighbours, family, friends. We call out, we greet one another.
     Here in Britain I walk along your streets. People's eyes do not meet mine. They look away, avoiding my glance. No one greets me. No one calls out. Everyone seems to be rushing, silent." 1
     This could no doubt be the expression of many multitudes more people the world over. Somehow we have forgotten how to stop and talk with people. Blessed indeed are those who have friends, and who maintain those friendships. It is a wonderful catharsis for the spirit.
     Reality tells us however, that every person on the face of the earth faces the struggle of a lonely heart at some time or another.
     Why is this?
     We considered this aspect briefly at the beginning of this series, but let's look at it again.
     We believe that loneliness, along with many other of society's ills, finds it root in the man's alienation from the God of Heaven. When mankind was first created by God, and placed on this earth, all was perfect and wonderful. There was no evil and sin. (Read this in the first 3 chapters of the Bible.)
     However, Satan, the enemy of God, through deception enticed our first parents to turn their backs on God. When they yielded to this temptation, they experienced separation from God. They were afraid of God, and hid from him.
     From this point on, man became heir to a universal problem for which he had no solution. This alienation between God and man has passed on to every person born since that time.
     However, we thank God that He has made a way for healing and restoration. God has established a universal solution to this universal problem!
     When Jesus the Son of God, at the time of His death on the cross, cried out, "It is finished!" the means for restoration was complete. Because of Jesus' sacrificial death, no one on earth needs to be alienated from God. Full restoration is experienced in coming to God in faith and seeking His restoring grace though Jesus. If you are all alone in your sin and guilt, why not seek out His salvation for your soul.
     If you are a Christian, and you are facing loneliness, take heart. You have a Father in Heaven who has provided a solution. You have an opportunity that far too few people have.

- Mervin Brubacher,
   Barwick, ON

1. Facing Loneliness J. Oswald Sanders. Discovery House Publishers 1990

       And it shall be said in that day, Lo, this is our God;
          we have waited for him, and he will save us.
                            Isaiah 25:9     (The Bible)